medavis RIS

Advanced Radiology Information System

medavis RIS optimizes the radiological workflow in its entirety. In every step of the process, medavis RIS enables dedicated functions and access to all needed information, which contributes to ease of use of the system. Access to comprehensive statistics and control tools enables wholesome control and insures quality. Thanks to a sophisticated user interface, medavis RIS integrates flexibility in every part of system infrastructure, taking in consideration individual facts, delivers optimal performance and adjusts to your every need. In case your organisation or workflow changes, flexible medavis RIS adjusts to the new work environment.

  • Scalability, modularity, integrability
  • We bring rich international expertise in response to the needs of the local market
  • Teleradiology – portal4med
  • Control tools – cockpit4med
  • Proven solutions for group structure with multiple locations

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