Orthopedic module

mediCAD® Classic 2D

The latest version of mediCAD® Classic – module for planning orthopaedic operations of german manufacturer Hectec mediCAD GmbH – in new version is focused on simplification of your work, i.e. automatically pozitioning during planning of hip operation, automatic recognizing of the femoral shaft axis on the occasion of offset measurement or automatic suggestion for most commonly used implants from the data base of implants. It is fully integrable with PACS archives as a part of Enterprise PACS systems, but also available as a standalone soluton for smaller businesses.

  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Long leg – Osteotomy
  • Upper limbs
  • Leg – Hallux Valgus
  • Trauma

mediCAD® Classic 3D

Even more accurate and accurate planning of orthopaedic surgery was made possible by mediCAD 3D tools adjusted for planning of hip. knee, shoulder, spine and elbow operations. That way Hectec mediCAD became pioneer and currently has no competition. It is based on the studies performed by computed tomography (CT) and enables improved display and simulations of the outcome of the operations.

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